Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is something that South African casino players should be aware of even before signing up at an online casino. Gambling jurisdictions that grant casino gaming licenses to online casino gaming companies require them to advocate responsible gambling and help problem gamblers. All the online casino sites that we recommend not only urge gamblers to play in a responsible manner, but also help them if they get addicted to gambling.

The top casino gaming sites have responsible gaming policies, according to which they create awareness of gambling addiction and problem gambling and assist in the prevention and treatment of the same. Casino sites need gamblers, and in order to retain gamblers, they must make sure that none of them get addicted to gambling. Therefore, the best casino sites teach their customers to gamble responsibly and implement bankroll management techniques besides recruiting well-trained employees to assist problem gamblers.

Betting Limits and Self-exclusion Facilities

All online casino sites that advocate responsible gambling allow them to control their expenditure by setting monthly, weekly, and even daily limits. Players can set these limits while registering for a real play account or by visiting their profile pages once they become the casino’s customers. Players can visit their “My Account” page and alter their betting limits whenever they wish.

If players feel that they have really gotten addicted to gambling, they can use the self-exclusion service, which is available on the “My Account” page. This facility allows players to deactivate their accounts for a specific period of time till they recover. If players need assistance with setting betting limits or using the self-exclusion facility, they can contact their casino’s customer care service.

Some casino sites also offer third-party exclusion facilities, enabling friends and relatives of the gambling addict to write a letter to the casino, requesting it to deactivate the problem gambler’s account for a specific period of time.

Assistance for Problem Gamblers

Online casino sites are required by law to provide an exhaustive list of organizations that provide gambling addiction counseling, assistance, and treatment. South African players who feel that they have become problem gamblers must visit their casino’s Responsible Gambling page to view the entire list of organizations that can help them.

The National Responsible Gambling Programme, the only online gambling assistance organization of its kind in South Africa, has a helpline for problem gamblers — 0800 006 008. Launched in June 2000, it is globally renowned as a cost-effective program for gambling addicts and problem gamblers. This program creates public awareness of problem gambling, conducts research on the same, and provides counseling and treatment to problem gamblers.

Casino sites that advocate responsible gambling also protect minors and prevent them from accessing the real money gaming service.

National Responsible Gambling Programme

Toll Free Helpline – 0800 006 008