Online Craps

Craps is an interesting online casino game that beginners usually steer clear of because of its complicated betting rules. Though playing craps is incredibly easy, understanding all the various types of bets associated with it is very difficult. The aim of craps players is to correctly guess the outcome of a roll of two dice. This game can be played either with other players or against the house.

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Types of Craps Games

Most casino players are unaware that there are six major varieties of craps, the most common of which are New York craps and Las Vegas craps. Bank craps is a variant that is played not against other players, but against the house. Other interesting variants of craps are crapless craps, which has a large house advantage of 6.35 percent; Die Rich Craps, an illegal variant of craps in which only one die is used; High Point Craps, in which only high points are rewarded; and Simplified Craps, which has a house edge of 2.8 percent.

How to Play

As previously mentioned, playing craps is relatively easy, but understanding various craps bets isn’t. Fortunately for players, they can easily play and enjoy craps if they understand what is meant by Pass Line Bet. They need not worry about the other varieties of craps bets.

Pass Line Bets, as their name suggests, are placed on the Pass Line before the dice are rolled for the first time by a shooter, a move that is referred to as the come out roll. If the outcome of this roll is a seven or an eleven, players will win their Pass Line Bet; and if the outcome is a two, a three, or a twelve, players will lose their Pass Line Bets. Any other outcome is considered to be the point, and the shooter is required to get the point on another roll of the dice before getting a seven. If this happens, players will win even money; but if a seven is rolled before the point, players will lose their bets.

Play Free Craps Now

Players who feel that craps is too formidable a game can play as many free craps games as they like on this website. Players can play craps for free till they feel that they have understood the game’s rules and betting options thoroughly. Although playing free craps gives players the opportunity to understand the game, it does not give players any real money prizes.

If players want to win real money playing craps, they need to sign up at any of the sites in our online casino list. The online casino sites we recommend are the best for craps enthusiasts; besides, they are licensed and regulated sites that welcome SA players with grand bonuses.